For day 5 of the pass the game challenge.

Day 1:




This was a ton of fun! You people before me did a great job, the game was already pretty fun, so I just polished the heck out of what was there and only made two small additions myself. I hope the thorn boys will host this jam often :) 

Sure hope we'll make it through to the end! But I had a blast in any case. Hope you did, too!

I added:

  • Some post processing to make the thorn boys happy
  • New pick-up: single-use shield
  • New pick-up: time-slowing hour glass
  • A dynamic title at the start of the level
  • A dynamic game over "screen" at the end of the level
  • A time-delay on game over with a crude animation
  • Particle effects for pick-ups
  • New sound effects for pick-ups (the previous "ding" now only plays for diamonds)
  • A trail effect for the player
  • Added a pause screen on "Esc", with which you can quit the game (windows build only, instead of alt+f4, which obviously still works)
  • Screen shake and a blinking effect when getting hit
  • Small tweens to various UI elements (like the diamond counter)

Some UI assets were taken from, which I bought a long time ago. (Do not use outside this project)

The SFX added by me were made with jsfxr -

My pixel-art was made in Aseprite.


ParaDiver v5 (windows build).zip 41 MB
ParaDiver_v5_VS (project).zip 229 MB


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This game was pretty cool! Nice job.

Its looking a lot more polished! Crashing into the ground as the game over screen was an awesome idea! TYSM for continuing this project.

Glad you like it! Working on it was rly fun 🙂

What are the controls other than movement? I'm play testing the project in preparation for the day 6 finale.

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There are no controls other than movement. Only WASD and arrow keys so far.

I would be very happy to know that the game is being continued tomorrow :)

what about a pause button?

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Oooh sry. Yeah, the "Esc" key is a thing, too. My bad.